Meet The Buyers at Modefabriek: Shop Like You Give a Damn

19 Nov 2021
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek we weekly introduce you to buyers of various multi-brand stores, great boutiques, online marketplaces and sustainable stores. This week: Kim Langelaar from Shop Like You Give a Damn.

Shop Like You Give a Damn is Europe’s largest 100% vegan online department store for ethical shopping. They give a damn about the world and ask you to do the same. They say: shop compassionately. And as little as possible. But when you do buy something, make it a vegan, fair and sustainable purchase. Use their 14 ethical & sustainability criteria to filter on the values that matter to you most. Kim van Langelaar is co-founder, COO and content director at Shop Like You Give a Damn.


At this marketplace you’ll find over 14.000 vegan, fair and sustainable fashion, cosmetics and homeware items. They unite ethical and more sustainable brands like Mireia Playà, Ella & Witt, NAE, Humans Are Vain, Beflamboyant, Will’s Vegan Store, Noah’s Italian Vegan Shoes, Zouri, ILK + Ernie, J LABEL, Studio JUX, Jan ’n June, Brava Fabrics, MUD Jeans, Kings of Indigo, Kuyichi, Armedangels, Alchemist, Cossac and many more.


What is the advantage for a sustainable brand to exhibit at a fashion fair like Modefabriek? 

The launch of our marketplace was just the beginning. Every day we are learning more about the fashion industry and the many ways in which the most beautiful garments, little by little, caused great damage to mother earth and all her inhabitants. During this process, we actually became more and more 'consciously incompetent' (stage 2 in that Broadwell-Burch learning model, for the nerds). It's such a complex industry! Together with sustainable brands, fashion experts and other fellow fighters who advocate a more ethical fashion industry, we are getting a better grip on how we make a difference together. Exhibiting at a fashion fair is a great way to meet new like-minded people who wouldn't normally come your way. A perfect meeting place! 

Which product group are you currently missing on

"We now have a fairly extensive range of most types of products that are relevant to us. But there are some product groups that are harder to find. Especially: vegan, fairly made, more sustainable, inclusive and social brands that make real size-inclusive clothing for the smallest and largest sizes but also tall designs for tall people, large shoe sizes, hijabs, slippers etc. We also can't get enough of haircare products for curly hair and inclusive make-up." 

Why are trade fairs relevant to you? 

"In addition to meeting fellow fighters, discovering new sustainable brands is also a very good reason to visit trade fairs." 

What do you think is the most important development at the moment within the sustainable brands? 

"That there is more awareness concerning circular. But it is also very encouraging to see that more brands are looking for the intersection between ethical entrepreneurship towards people, animals and the environment. It is not only made at a fair wage, or only vegan, or only made with recycled materials, but it is also inclusive and animal-proof-free and that is what we go for!"

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