Meet the Experts: Nienke Hoeksema about efficient purchasing 

02 Dec 2022
Door Modefabriek

At Modefabriek on 22 and 23 January 2023 in Amsterdam you can gain a great deal of up-to-date knowledge and inspiration during the TALKS and MASTERCLASSES. Here, experts will show you what's going on and how you can respond to it professionally. In 'Meet the Experts' we'll give a weekly sneak peek. This week: Nienke Hoeksema, purchasing specialist for various large fashion, sports and lifestyle stores such as, SuperBra and Macro. "Smart procurement more important than ever." 


"Inflation is rising, purchasing power is decreasing. It is therefore more important than ever to buy smartly," says Nienke, who, thanks to many years of experience in the profession, knows exactly what the challenges are – and where entrepreneurs can achieve the most profit. "Make sure you have a solid purchasing plan. Determine your purchasing budget in advance and determine what you need to buy in order to achieve your desired turnover." 


For example, think about how much you want to spend per brand, but also per type of product. "How many pants, shirts or blouses do you need? In what size and colour? This changes every season. During the lockdown we mainly stayed home and many items of jogging fabric were sold. From trousers to whole suits. These will not be sold that much this autumn, now that we are going outside more." 


Buy the right sizes 

An aspect that, according to Nienke, is often forgotten is taking into account common sizes. "Some sizes are sold better than other, and there is also a shift in this. At first, S and M in particular were sold a lot. At the moment, L and XL are more popular. If you buy the wrong sizes, you increase the chance that you will be left with stock. Even after the sale." 


Nienke notes that the retail market has changed considerably over the years. "Twelve years ago, when I was just starting out as a retail buyer, a supplier could still ask for a higher margin. That is no longer possible; it is no longer 'you' and 'them'. The relationship between supplier and purchaser has become more of a collaboration. This means that you need to sit down together to find a win-win situation for both." 


Reliable revenue stream 

The last tip? Never forget the power of a good NOOS (Never Out of Stock) collection. "This creates a nice and reliable undercurrent of income for your store. After all, NOOS products are not sensitive to sales and you only order them when you have actually sold them. As a result, the risk lies with the supplier and not with you as a retailer." 


Do you want to learn more about the win-win situation with a supplier? Or do you want to learn how to draw up a strong purchasing plan? Then attend Nienkes Masterclass at Modefabriek 22 & 23 January 2023.  

Written by Paula Vaarkamp

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