The Emperor's new clothing

02 Aug 2020
Door Modefabriek

We spoke to trendwatcher Jan Agelink about being at home, standing still and taking time. We chatted about what the consequences are for the future of the fashion industry and which consumer trends are arising out of all that is happening right now. This article is filled with positivity and inspiration to push the fashion industry to the next level with a reignited, post-Corona mindset.

Phygital reality

The possibilities that the digital era brings, are creating more and more complete experiences. The digital and the physical realities also blend into one another more than ever. Audiovisual techniques, Virtual Reality, and even Augmented Reality have shown to be ideal tools to still spend time together and to not miss out on shopping. FULU is a brand bringing a small device that can recreate the sense of touch from a distance. By placing it on the fingertip, it enables experiencing for example fabrics or other materials that are in another place.

"Being close to other humans is a true need. Being restricted from this only increases the need for ‘digital togetherness’."

FULU is only one of many pioneers playing with digital options and the possible benefits for them and the consumer. Hanita, a female designer from Congo, is another: she presented her completely digital collection during a sold-out, online fashion show. Analogue production of her items will start only after they have been ordered. 


Being close to other humans is a true need. Being restricted from this only increases the need for ‘digital togetherness’. Today, going to a concert together can be done through Fortnite and SQUADDED creates the possibility to go ‘out’ shopping with friends. Fashion weeks now are being organised and visited online, just like our own event Modefabriek. This is another way in which this trend is showing in the fashion industry.

The online experience of fashion and shopping is being upgraded and expanded all the time and it is being lived in several virtual worlds. YOOX MIRROR lets a personal avatar try on clothes that are on the wish-list and brands like ROHBAU and Carlings sell virtual items that can be ‘tried on’ by placing it on a picture of oneself, meanwhile leaving a smaller footprint than non-digital fashion.


Reuse, recycle, upcycle

The upcycling trend is becoming more popular by the day and new ways to reuse materials are being invented just as often. Also, staying at home has the interest in crafting go through the roof. On a professional level, this ‘DIY vibe’ is visible as a new fashion trend. For example, designer label Nelson/ Johnson transforms old jeans items into new, original and stylish pieces in their unique collage or patchwork style. The discovery of using used materials and turning them into new thread for the creation of special knitwear is another positive and hopeful representation. 

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