2021: the re-launch of Mexx

08 Jan 2021
Door Modefabriek


It all started with a kiss (or two). In 1986, Rattan Chadha united his men’s brand Moustache and women’s brand Emanuelle to form a single brand. He took the first letters of both brand names, added two kisses, and Mexx was born.

Fast-forward 35 years to 2021, and Mexx is back, stronger than ever as a total lifestyle brand; shoes, fashion, accessories, loungewear, sports, perfume, eyewear & home. Mexx is about everyday fashion, items that easily find their way into everyone’s wardrobe, and are easy to combine. For people who want to live life to the full, without getting hung up on pursuing perfection. An accessible collection for the entire family. 

Back to our roots

In 2021, Mexx is focussing on celebrating love. The new Autumn/Winter 2021 collection is an expression of the Mexx vision, in which the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and the associated love story. This collection is inspired by the city where the Mexx story began, back in 1986. The city that founder Rattan Chadha fell in love with: Amsterdam. The new collection features four themes that all reference the city: ‘The Vondelpark city park’, ‘The Hoxton’, ‘The Streets of Amsterdam’ and ‘The Rijksmuseum’. Four characteristic Amsterdam locations that both inspired and connect the new collection. 


Everything should be XX

The world is constantly changing, and no-one can predict the future. Today’s ultimate superpowers are perhaps believing in yourself and being proud of who you are. Having strength means daring to be both comfortable and sexy, and this new ‘sexy comfort’ is a major trend in the Mexx AW21 collection. 


We are delighted to invite you to discover our Autumn/Winter 2021 collection at one of our showrooms. To arrange your visit, please send an email to reception@mexx.com.


XX Mexx

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