Caroline's Monthly Message: Trend Update

03 Jun 2022
Door Modefabriek

For the upcoming edition of Modefabriek I am exploring the trends. This always takes time because it is about identifying, combining and concluding. What do I mean by that? 

It can be something you suddenly notice. A colour, shape, material or design. What do you need, what do you miss in your wardrobe, what exhibitions are on at the moment and what does the world around us tell us. All these things can be part of your vision for the coming trends: you create links that were never there before, you see a color that will lift an entire outfit, or an exhibition by Georgia O'Keeffe that is so sensual it makes you see summer dresses fluttering.

My trip to Paris has already told me a lot about this summer's collections in stores and my vision is that this is not likely to change a great deal for next season. We still see that man / woman is mixed up, there are more and more mono-brands where man and woman have more or less the same shapes and silhouettes. As I told before, I am a big fan of men's clothes for years now, and they will certainly remain part of my outfit, think of men's classics and you can plot it all out in no time. It offers comfort and sexiness. 


In addition to the tough androgynous image, there is also some glamour to be seen. That translates into asymmetrical tops, a lot of nudity around the waist but also fluid sexy dresses. Denim is strong, preferably the whole outfit and produced in a sustainable way. In addition, we also see a certain elegance, think of the first collections of Celine, years ago. This style is now mainly picked up by Jil Sander and is a very nice addition to your outfit, a soft relaxed classic style in a luxurious version. Jacquemus conquers the world with his sandals, high heeled but walking on cushions of leather, what more could a woman want! 



There will be more to tell; you can admire it all in our TRENDHUB on 10 and 11 July. We will give an extensive trend vision in color, material shape and silhouette. 


I look forward to seeing you. 


Caroline Krouwels, 

June 2022 

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