Caroline's Monthly Message: Let's dress up again!

08 Jan 2021
Door Modefabriek

We’re embracing a new year, after a rather disingenuous year in which everything was different. In which our homes became our offices, we had video calls wearing jogging outfits, and in which our screen wallpaper offered the only glimpse of a life less coronavirus-y. A dash of make-up and half a normal outfit was sufficient to add a little shine to a virtual meeting.

For me, it was a massive change to my daily ritual. At some point during getting up in my ‘normal’ life, I’d ponder ‘what shall I wear today?’ Who will I be meeting today, what have I got planned, will I be walking or cycling around town, will I be driving somewhere, or will I be spending a day at the office with my team? Will I enjoy an after-work drink somewhere, or will I go to a restaurant? It all comes into play as I select my outfit.

Throughout my life, this has been a creative and inspirational moment. Back in secondary school, I looked forward to Fridays, when I ditched the daily school outfits in favour of something more of my choosing. On Fridays, I went for it. I still have incredibly happy memories of a blue KLM boilersuit, which was way too large. I got it from a friend, who worked at KLM Cargo. Even then, I loved baggy clothes. With it, I wore low-heeled turquoise boots. That boilersuit gave me wings and power – I even used shoulder pads to further boost the feeling. I’ve now got two Dries van Noten boilersuits in my wardrobe, which are absolute keepers, thanks alone to this vivid and happy memory.


I know that there are countless people who prefer to pull on the same thing every day, but to me, choosing an outfit is a true celebration. Sometimes even the day before. I can spend hours in my wardrobe, seeking out new combinations from which to choose when I wake. This process is also a quest to find new silhouettes, relations and combinations, and often leads to a new style. 

I made a career of ‘dressing up’, and it therefore became a fundamental part of my life. How you dress relates to who you are, who you’re going to meet, where you are, and how you feel. And it’s certainly always about the right combination, the silhouette and your personal preference. Fashion is a form of communication, an indication of the time and an interpretation of your personality.

I wish you all an inspirational new year, in which we can cautiously begin to show ourselves once again, to meet again, to once again experience the joy of dressing up, and in which we can celebrate proper contact with each other, in ravishing outfits!


Caroline Krouwels

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