Meet The Buyers at Modefabriek: PARO STORE

08 Oct 2021
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek we will weekly introduce you to buyers from different multibrand stores, sustainable stores and amazing boutiques. This week we would like to introduce you to Zoe and Ruth from PARO STORE.

PARO STORE is an online concept store for upcoming sustainable, design-focused brands, and    was founded in Amsterdam by Ruth Sutherland and Zoe Patience, 2 creative fashion industry expats. "We offer the prove of that awesome design can also be sustainable." PARO STORE helps you discover emerging designers who are driving the fashion industry towards a sustainable future. The industry behind the clothing we wear is one of the most damaging to the planet, and PARO STORE don’t want to stand for the status quo. They only stock independent brands who design and produce awesome clothing in a way that’s better for people and our planet. Good design, that’s good for the world.

3c8aa064-1a51-46cd-a017-c453e035a364.jpg?uuid=91462c53-a5ae-4453-92be-dd5073b4b5b0What is the advantage for a sustainable brand to exhibit on a fashion fair like Modefabriek?

Conversation & connection. We've spent so much time online in the last year, often on Instagram where people's attention span is low and on-trend aesthetic and quick soundbites often win over real meaning. So the chance to have a proper chat and tell people the care and consideration that goes into how you produce, and to make connections with people and brands that share your values, possibly leading to future collaborations or solving problems is what we're looking forward to.

What product group are you currently missing in your store?

We've now got almost 50 emerging brands on PARO STORE who approach responsible design in loads of different ways that really inspire us; like using food waste to make earrings and footwear, disused umbrellas to make clothing. 

We're always on the lookout for awesome responsible footwear brands, we've found them hard to find, and would love to bring some more artisanal brands into the PARO family, as well!

Why are trade shows relevant for you?

We're going to be at Modefabriek to spread the word about the small, independent brands leading the industry to reform by making responsibility to people and the planet a must-have in their design process. No greenwashing, no long-term climate commitments, this is how they design, every day. We're excited to get to introduce buyers and fashion industry professionals to the stories and collections of emerging brands that we're almost sure they won't have heard of yet and to inspire them with a future-facing side of the industry that are bringing great design and good values together, today.

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