Meet The Buyers at Modefabriek: Verse

26 Oct 2021
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek we will weekly introduce you to buyers from different multibrand stores, sustainable stores and amazing boutiques. This week we would like to introduce you to Ciara Shah from Verse.

Verse is curated based on ethics, sustainability as well as inclusivity, which is a sometimes a missing part of the narrative at most sustainable fashion concepts. Verse is a sort of galaxy that works together of upcoming labels that are local, founded by women, founded by people of colour, sustainable, responsible, innovative, you name it. A combination of the good stuff. Ciara's role as a founder and CEO is to basically find all the best of brands and curate the different categories across fashion, lifestyle and apothecary which is the wellness section. She also plans and creates all the content and creative across channels as well as manage the physical store.


What are you currently missing in your store?

We are always looking for diversity and I guess that the well-known sustainable labels are usually marketed towards a specific consumer. She is usually white, affluent and a minimalist. We are looking for colour, fun, diversity, innovation and authenticity. 

Why is it relevant for you as a buyer to visit a trade fair such as Modefabriek?

Having worked in fashion for over a decade now I am well-seasoned with fairs. I worked myself at fairs like bread and butter in berlin in the past. Aside from being an essential networking vehicle, it’s great to see product IRL as well as get a feel for trends from what the buyers are wearing, which areas are busiest and all the displays. We will visit to also keep an eye on more local labels to add to our curation since it’s an important standard for us to put our money back locally into the Dutch economy. 

What is the reason for you to buy sustainable brands for the store?

Why not! When I started Verse in 2016 there was little to no or a more “geitenwollensokken” store that was stocking more traditional eco brands. We are searching for new labels that are not claiming to save the world but that use design as a way to create unique, long lasting, good investment pieces rather than throw away fast fashion. I guess we are not in the eco lane, but we are somewhere in the middle really offering the choice but in a hyper curated way to our clients. 

Why are you looking forward to the next edition and what did you miss when Modefabriek wasn’t there? 

I am looking forward to seeing our brand managers from labels we buy who will be present as well as the networking element and just to walk around and get excited by new products. The whole world kind of went digital during this pandemic so it will be amazing to get to experience this for real again this time around. 

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