Shabbies Amsterdam: focus on sustainability and craftsmanship

22 Jan 2021
Door Modefabriek


At Shabbies Amsterdam we make stylish and durable products for daily use. We do this in a way that is fair to all involved and with care for our environment. We strive for a greener and more sustainable future for people and the environment by improving existing processes and by making responsible choices. We do not lose sight of traditional craftsmanship when designing our products. We attach great value to the ancient shoemaking and bagmaking crafts and thus create unique designs from the finest, purest materials; always with a tough look. 


Sustainability at Shabbies Amsterdam 

The sustainability aspect is high on our agenda, whereby we always look critically at every process and make improvements where necessary. In the new fall / winter 21 collection you will find items made from recycled clothing and the vast majority of the leather we use at the end of 2021 will come from the LWG (Leather Working Group) certified tanneries. The LWG’s aim is to make the conditions at tanneries and middlemen transparent and to change them sustainably. This also means that these tanneries do not use potentially critical substances in the processing of leather and reduce water and energy consumption. The materials we use are carefully chosen and production is done very accurately and with an eye for every detail. This creates timeless designs that will last a lifetime. In addition, most leathers in our collection are naturally tanned. 


Craftsmanship at its finest 

Thanks to our many years of experience in the shoemaking profession, you will experience craftsmanship in its purest form, and you feel the love for the craft in every shoe or bag we make. Whichever product you choose, we guarantee a tough look with great attention to detail in combination with true craftsmanship. Our designs exude craftsmanship at its best. 


The FW21 collection 

The new Shabbies Amsterdam fall / winter 2021 collection includes new vegan styles, items with patchwork and new materials with stitching. We also see the over-the-knee boot again! In our bags you see the unmistakable "Shabbies touch"; cool designs with matching hardware. Each design, shoe or bag reflects our unique interpretation of high-end fashion at affordable prices. This collection outlines the quality, purity and craft we are known for; this collection is who we are. 


We proudly invite you to come and admire our Fall / Winter 2021 collection. Please contact us on 0416-322556 or click on our online showroom.


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