The must-have trends of Fall/Winter 2021-2022: HYBRIDS

19 Feb 2021
Door Modefabriek

Modefabriek is happy to inspire you with the most important trends of Fall / Winter 2021-2022 during the buying season and connect them to the newest collections of the B2B marketplace brands. This week the hybrid trends: mixing the physical and digital world. Creating a playful and fluid design and new silhouettes and materials. We highlight the luxury jogging, shiny polyesters and the hybrid hiking sneaker for you.

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Luxury Joggers 

Staying at home endlessly and seeing only very few social contacts, brought us into a casual mode. We embrace the comfortable silhouettes and cozy, soft and warm materials. Little wonder that joggings are the fashion item of the moment. But when we’ll be able to live more freely again, this item will continue to play a key role in our wardrobes. Come summer, the sporty and cool jogging pants will get a sexy twist when worn with fitted tops, oversized jackets and heeled sandals.


ESCUALO | Modström | InWear


Juffrouw Jansen | Love Sophia | KAOS 

Shiny polyesters 

Since Prada and Issey Miyake, among others, made sporty or clean designed polyester items a hit around the 1980s, many fashion brands followed suit. Not surprising, because this outdoor material by origin is not only light and strong, but also holds its shape and colour. In 2021, we not only see workers and athletes, but literally everybody dressed from head to toe in shiny polyesters. Preferably in a light shade. 




RESET | MAC | Part Two

Hybrid hiking sneakers 

Hiking is hot! It is about the only thing that is possible - and allowed - during the lockdown and so we collectively walk through the pandemic. We not only take to the flat streets and beaches, but also the hilly forests and dunes. The classic urban sneaker has therefore been upgraded with multiple hiking elements; think of nylon eyelets and grippy soles. This 2021 version of the androgynous and functional shoe is cheerful, richly colored and lightweight.


H32 | Mexx

Written by Marjolein Lammerts van Bueren.

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