Caroline's Monthly Message: Daily Inspiration

28 Apr 2022
Door Modefabriek

For me, inspiration is on the daily menu, part of my life and the essence of my profession. When I read the newspaper, come across a review of a new album, book or exhibition, an image or an idea always arises. It is often something small that brings up a flow of thoughts. Inspiration always makes something grow. A text, a piece of music, an image, an exhibition, an outfit on the street, or a dish you eat.

Inspiration is about looking and noticing, listening and tasting, experiencing and combining. For me it is the nourishment of my existence and also a great happiness.


It is everywhere, on the street at a chance meeting, in a museum, on the road by bike, in architecture or nature, in bar and restaurant. Someone entering a room in a beautiful outfit, music that catches you, the taste of a well-made dish. 

Often it is the unexpected things that make your head spin. Inspiration feeds and generates renewal and innovation.


For example, the Venice Biennale is on my wish list, wandering for 4 days through a city that always enchants, seeing art that can amaze, fulfill and dazzle you. All aspects cause a reaction and have a function. Inspiration gives happiness, it gives energy, a smile. 

For that reason, I am looking forward to 10 and 11 July, the first edition after 2 years, in which I hope to inspire you and be inspired by the encounters, collections, beautiful outfits, a cheerful conversation and an interesting Talk.

What a great thing to look foward to!

Caroline Krouwels

April 2022

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