Caroline's Monthly Message: Parisian Inspiration

27 Oct 2022
Door Modefabriek

It was late summer days by bike through sunny Paris. 

As a fashion forecaster, I visit Paris every six months to immerse myself in fashion.

That's always a happy time of the year.

As soon as I stand on Parisian ground there is a healthy excitement about what awaits me. What will the collections tell me this time, what will inspire me, what will I come home with later. I cycle from the fifth arrondissement to the sixth, cross the Seine and continue my route to Boulevard Montaigne, Saint-Honoré, Palais Royal, the Marais and make another climb up to fall in my cozy bed, exhausted. 



There were a few things that struck me, the color purple is everywhere. Personally, I am not a big fan of the classic color purple but as soon as there is a violet or bluer glow in it, this color steals my heart this season. In addition, I also see a kind of burnt yellow, warm with an autumnal tone in both knitted and woven materials. Black was again strongly present; we saw it in many collections.  


The fashion remains spacious in silhouette, oversized blazers, long wide pants, layered and tough. Striking are the cut outs, in knitwear and jersey, a kind of new "sexiness". The asymmetrical tops or just an asymmetrical neck in sweater and knitwear is striking and a fine addition to your tough silhouette.


Shoes were hard to discover, we still see the influence of Bottega and Balenciaga with the huge tough coarse boots and slippers, but I was looking for something new and came across some more rock and roll at Saint Laurent and Prada who have made a new variant of the "high-heeled cowboy boat". That announces a slightly different silhouette where long legs with a straight sharp jacket fit perfectly.

Really new are the many plastic shoes in color and even transparent materials.

Knitwear is also a big thing, I wonder whether that has to do with the expensive energy bills, but we are all going to wear wonderful fluffy knits. Often in beautiful colors, in coarse but also very fine yarns. 

Craft is also a trend that is of great importance to me. It gives fashion a kind of slowness, it is sustainable and fair. Craft always adds a kind of softness to your outfit and appears in a scarf, hat or bag. It brings a smile and color. Not only in fashion but also in your interior.

The miniskirt will make its comeback, preferably in combination with a large shirt. Tough but with sexy legs and cool boots. We remain tough and strong but play with our beautiful femininity.


Because of all the Parisian inspiration, I am even more looking forward to Modefabriek on 22 and 23 January 2023. To inspire you, our brands and visitors, we are launching a large trend forum for the upcoming edition. We take you along in the colors, silhouettes, materials and shapes of the coming season.

For now: enjoy this winter, warm up in beautiful knits, show your legs under a sharp straight cut miniskirt and surprise yourself with a cut out top.



Caroline Krouwels, CEO Modefabriek

October 2022


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