Expo Handmade

16 Nov 2022
Door Modefabriek

Unlike previous posts, the Clean Clothes Campaign (SKC) exhibition Handmade will not be on display at Modefabriek this edition. SKC has created an educational and interactive exhibition, especially for young people, to learn more about how our clothing is made and by whom. The travelling exhibition will visit various locations in the Netherlands this year. As soon as the dates and locations are known we will publish them here! 


Clean Clothes Campaign

Schone Kleren Campagne (SKC) is part of Clean Clothes Campaign, a global network of more than 250 trade unions, human rights organisations and action groups. SKC is committed to improving the position of textile workers. They do this, among other things, by investigating abuses, holding major clothing brands to account for their responsibility, lobbying for better legislation and informing consumers. 

FInd out more?

For more information about Handmade and Clean Clothes Campaign, visit schonekleren.nl

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