Meet The Stone Twins: the creatives behind Modefabriek's campaigns

05 Oct 2021
Door Modefabriek

Since 2016, The Stone Twins and Modefabriek have collaborated on the campaigns and the look and feel of our events! It has always been a joy to send their designs out into the world through our communication channels and to see the final 3D translation at Modefabriek in real life. Meet The Stone Twins!


The Stone Twins

Working with twin brothers Garech and Declan Stone is complete fun, but they're mostly just good at what they do. Together they form their eponymous creative brand consultancy. The Stone Twins have a reputation for award-winning work and a holistic approach to branding. In other words, how does a brand look and talk? A combination of the visual and verbal expression. They combine strategy and creativity with personality and wit, and in doing so they help companies to create and nurture their brand.

The Stone Twins x Modefabriek

Since July 2016, The Stone Twins have been responsible for the strategy, branding and creative direction of Modefabriek. The slogan 'More Than Mode' is theirs. Since its foundation in 1996, Modefabriek has grown into much more than a trade event: Modefabriek is a mix of stands with collections, exhibitions, stores, talks, trend forecasts, food & drinks, music – and more!

The basis of their design is the logo with the two M's, which suggests the temporary nature of the booths at the fair. This dynamic identity changes for each edition and is rolled out to social media, booklets, flyers, advertisements. It’s then brought to life at the event in the RAI where our 3D design teams create the entrance, terraces, stores, exhibitions and other decorations.

January 2022

After a two-year absence, Modefabriek is zigzagging its way back! We missed you more than you know. For the return of Modefabriek in January, The Stone Twins developed the ‘more’ concept to: More Surprises, More Business and More Joy. According to the twins, the zigzag lines (an extension of the Modefabriek logo) represent the joy and freedom of networking, connecting and coming together again at Modefabriek. We can’t wait to see you in January 2022!


* Photo Stone Twins by Bart Koetsier

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