Meet the buyers at Modefabriek: Bastiaansen Modestad

02 Nov 2023
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek, we talk to retailers and buyers about their personal favourites, what inspires them and what they will be looking for next round of trade shows. This edition: Monique Bastiaansen of Bastiaansen Modestad in Bavel. 

Where do you find the most inspiration? 

"By visiting cities. And not only by looking in clothing stores or at fashion fairs, but also in other industries such as home furnishing stores and the flower and plant industry. In London you have a few nice large furniture stores, but Decor in Amsterdam is also highly recommended. We certainly get inspiration from that for our shop design. And we also find a lot of inspiration on social media. We really follow everything."

What's on the buying list for winter 2024?

"We are always looking for young and innovative brands. In the target group of women aged 18 to 25, you see many girls walking in the same styles. We are looking for a brand that jumps on that and does things a little differently. Made in a good way."


What's always in your bag when you go to a trade show? 

"A notebook is really indispensable. I write down everything: trends, new brands, which colours in a collection appeal to us and in which collections we find certain items and trends. We budget well in advance, but after the fair we fine-tune it based on what we have seen."

Who is your favorite designer? 

"I don't have a real favorite, I'm more stimulated at item level. But we do like to discover new brands. Not only at trade shows, but also at international fashion weeks and during the Dutch Design Week. Two years ago, we fell in love with Chptr-s, an innovative collection of jackets and blouses. We kept an eye on them and now the brand is in our store." 

What's on your personal wish list this season?

"I want to start every season with a new pair of sneakers. That's a tic. Last season I went for a new model New Balance, but for this season I haven't decided yet which one it will be." 

Best tip for a city trip? 

"The city that you have to visit once in a lifetime is Tokyo. The New York of Asia, but with good food. With all those different neighborhoods with their own atmosphere, type of people and type of shops. In Tokyo, they are so much ahead in terms of technical developments. Also in the stores, which is very interesting to see."

Best find at a fashion fair ever?

"We made the very best find two years ago in Florence: Self Studies, a brand that revolves around pleasure for women. That is a very nice addition to our range. It was really nice that they were open to selling it through our store."


Where do you like to shop? 

"Very boring: for clothes only in our own store. But I also like to discover up-and-coming shops, especially in neighbourhoods where not everyone comes yet. I always come back from Paris with new inspiration, especially the Le Marais district. It's like a big candy store."

What do you prefer to wear yourself?

"I always wear baggy pants, often with a jacket and a nice top. Tough, but feminine. And almost always with sneakers or loafers. I always wear flat shoes. That's purely practical. And it's the trend right now."

Your favorite perfume? 

"I don't have one favorite, but I think Le Labo is a very nice perfume concept with their signature fragrances, tasting labs and high service. I can really enjoy it. I've been following them for a while and it's great to see how that concept develops."

What do you like to spend money on?

"Clothes for my two children. I love shopping for them. There are a few beautiful concept stores in Den Bosch and Breda with the right atmosphere, where you can take the children. But in the big department stores in Paris, I always succeed in finding children's clothing. That's where I get the real inspiration."

What trend you hope not to see again?

"We're very much done with the skinny jeans and the leopard print. We haven't bought that for a few seasons, even though we know it sells. We may have cut ourselves in the wallet doing so, but we want to inspire and bring innovation. We strongly believe in the wide fit. We’re getting better and better at getting women into it."

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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