Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek: Orangebag

14 Jan 2024
Door Modefabriek

In our series Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek, we talk to retailers and buyers about their personal favourites, what inspires them and what they are looking for in the next round of trade shows. This edition: Michelle Heslenfeld, premium buyer of webshop Orangebag.  

Where do you get the most inspiration? 

"In foreign cities like Paris, because that’s where I go regularly. And also on social media like Instagram, Pinterest and, since a year, Tik Tok. That’s where we saw very early that UGG was coming back and we were able to take that into orders for the next season. Currently, 'daily glam' is a trend there: a wool jumper with stones and 3D flowers as a corsage or belt. And I also see the coquette trend emerging there, which involves a lot of work with bows." 

How do you prepare when you go to a trade show? 

"I check which brands are at the fair and which ones I should definitely not miss. But apart from that, I let myself be surprised and walk past all the stands. It is fun to discover something that you don't know yet and that is not yet for sale everywhere. This is how we discovered Suncoo in Copenhagen last year and immediately bought it." 

What are you most looking forward to at Modefabriek?  

"A lot of our brands are there and it's good to see everyone again. I hope there will be some new surprises, such as young Dutch designers who have just started their brand. We think it's important to support that. We also always find the brands at The Fashion Gallery very interesting." 


Who is your favorite designer? 

"That varies. Now, I find Celine, Loewe and Bottega Veneta interesting. Those brands are a bit cleaner and calmer. With less busy prints, but natural colours, ton-sur-ton and more focus on qualities. That is totally contemporary. I don't strictly follow trends, but I do notice that my needs are now also in that direction." 

What's on your personal wish list this season? 

"The Bou Bag by Ganni. A beautiful and common bag. It comes in lots of variations, but I want it in faux fur taupe. It's just a little bit different from other bags. An eye-catcher." 

Best tip for a city trip? 

"I stick to classic cities like Paris and London. When I've been there, I come back full of inspiration, both for work and private. I really like department stores abroad, as well as restaurants, concept stores and interior design shopping. Le Bon Marché in Paris is a favourite." 

Where do you like to shop? 

"I buy a lot of clothing at Orangebag. Unless we don't have a brand in the range, then I buy it from the brand itself or a department store abroad. I also like to buy from Skins Cosmetics. I am a fan of Diptyque's candles. And I like to buy make-up from Laura Mercier or Westman Atelier." 

What do you prefer to wear? 

"Jeans by Agolde, for example, with a nice cashmere wool jumper. I am also a fan of the ballerina, for a nice classic look with jeans. I have the black ballerinas by Chanel. This summer at Orangebag, we are bringing ballerinas from our own shoe brands Silver Grace and Brown Dot. Those will be the new favourites." 

Your favourite perfume? 

"I always come back to Chloé, which I have had for years. A classic fragrance and not too strong. For the evening I sometimes take a heavier one, for example from Diptyque." 

How sustainable are you? 

"I am very conscious when it comes to clothes. I think carefully about what I buy and I am very thrifty with my clothes. I wash carefully and therefore do a long time with clothes. And when I no longer wear something, it is always in such good condition that I can still sell it." 

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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