Modefabriek Meets… DK Company

13 May 2024
Door Modefabriek

Ahead of the next edition of Modefabriek, our exhibitors tell us their latest news and plans for the upcoming event on 7 + 8 July 2024. This time, we speak to Danish fashion company DK Company, owner of more than 20 fashion brands including Gestuz, Inwear, Kaffe and Saint Tropez.


What trends do you see for the 2025 summer season?

Co-owner of DK Company Group & CEO of the Ikast and Copenhagen divisions: “After seasons full of colourful prints, the prints fade more into the background and the variety of a collection is more in the qualities. It becomes more important and exciting to see and feel the fabrics. It should inspire and give a wow feeling. Think 3D fabrics, for example. Furthermore, denim qualities play an important role, skirts in different lengths and flowy silhouettes. Many neutral colours are used, but as counterparts, colours like red and blue are very important. The prints that are there are more abstract. And animal prints are here to stay, there's always a demand for that." 


Are there any new developments in the field of sustainability?

"Because of the fashion trend, it is a challenge to look for beautiful qualities. We also bring more sustainable qualities. The size of the range of sustainable products differs per brand within our company, but in general, the percentage of sustainable materials is increasing across all brands. From organic cotton to recycled polyester, we work with all available materials. Within our company, a special sustainability department with twenty employees is dedicated to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. We don't communicate about this extensively, but we feel it's our duty as Denmark's second largest fashion company. We're trying to do the best we can."

What are you going to show off at Modefabriek?

“We will show our brands Kaffe and Kaffe curve, Culture, Cream, Saint Tropez, Soaked in Luxury, My Essential Wardrobe and Karen by Simonsen. We present the brands together in a DK company area, where we unpack with a nice barista and delicious lunch. We also have a special offer for existing and new customers who place an order at the fair. I can't reveal yet what that offer is, that will remain a surprise. But it is worth stopping by.”



What appeals to you about Modefabriek?

“We like consistency, and we are there every season. We think Amsterdam is an inspiring city and we love the atmosphere and the collections at Modefabriek. It's very Dutch, which we really like. Here we meet local boutiques and major retailers from the Netherlands and Belgium. And now that there is no longer a large fashion fair in Germany, we see that buyers from Germany are also coming. That's a great opportunity. So, our agents from Germany are also there. We love Modefabriek and are proud to be part of it.”


Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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