Modefabriek Meets… Fabienne Chapot

13 Jun 2024
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to Modefabriek, our exhibitors share their latest news and plans for the upcoming edition on 7 + 8 July 2024. This time we meet Fabienne Chapot, who is back at Modefabriek after a while's absence.


Why are you back at Modefabriek?

Fabienne Chapot, founder: "We took a break from the fair because we were satisfied with the quantity and quality of our customers. So, the focus was not on proposition. Now, however, we have made a great step forward with our brand, because from summer 2025 we will be giving an innovative twist to our DNA. We are very keen to show that to our customers and prospects. In addition, with the disappearance of the German trade fairs, we see Modefabriek as an opportunity to meet German retailers."


What will change from the summer 2025 collection?

"The collection will have more depth. We were always known for prints and colour, but we are now responding more to the general trend of prints becoming less dominant. We may bring fewer prints, but we are not losing our DNA.  The FC DNA is reflected in renewed techniques and materials with more texture such as lace, linen, denim, jersey. I am proud that the handwriting has remained recognisable. The theme is Summer Market, so it will be a colourful and summery collection, where design and marketing have worked closely together. And we are bringing a beach capsule for the first time, with all the beach essentials for the modern woman. For summer 2025, we are also expanding the range of outerwear, which we started last winter in the form of a number of quilted jackets."



Do you have any news in the field of sustainability?

"We were recently B Corp certified and we are extremely proud of that. We feel obliged to make more responsible choices for both our employees and the world around us. That means we are working more and more with sustainable materials. For the summer 2025 collection, our goal is fifty percent responsible materials, such as: recycled cotton, Ecovero and Circulose. We also implement corporate social responsibility in our business operations. A year and a half ago, we introduced the rule that every employee does volunteer work at least two days a year during working hours. This can be done in very different ways. Some fill cupboards with products against menstrual poverty, others paint a local children's playground." 


Who do you hope to meet at Modefabriek?

"We want to show our renewed collection to existing customers and we also hope to meet new customers. In recent years, there have been shifts on the high streets, so there will definitely be room for new customers again. Furthermore, we see Modefabriek as a great opportunity now that there are no more major German trade fairs. Our German and Belgian agents will also be there and invite their customers. I can't reveal anything about the layout of the stand yet, but the FC vibe will certainly be felt. It will be a foretaste of our revamped store concept." 


Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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