Modefabriek Meets… Knit-ted

16 Oct 2023
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to the next edition of Modefabriek, a number of exhibitors are already telling us their latest news and plans for the upcoming fair edition. For example, Knit-ted has expanded its collection, so the Dutch label will be present at Modefabriek in January with a larger stand.

What is your biggest news for winter 2024-2025?

Petra Stapper, founder and creative director of Knit-ted: "We have expanded the collection with new materials and product groups. Originally Knit-ted is a knit brand, but we have gradually added more and more woven fabrics and from this winter we want to establish a powerful woven program. We attracted a new dedicated designer for it and spent a lot of time looking for new manufacturers. We already brought faux leather pants, which since this winter have been presented under the sublabel Replika. Now we are making the move to pants in beautiful new qualities, such as a chino made of twill and pants made of wool. Combined with a blazer, wool coat or teddy jacket. For us it is important that the wovens match the knits and that the collection is a unit."


The ultimate woman according to Knit-ted in 2024? 

"Knit-ted is feminine, chic and comfortable. The latter makes it tough and wearable. Our dresses are not very sweet, but always have a certain toughness. We have items in the collection that are fairly gender neutral, but the fit is actually always feminine with, for example, an elegant sleeve. Knit-ted stands for ease and comfort, but with a beautiful, rich look. You can look beautiful and stylish without spending hours in front of the closet. Something nice for the busy woman."


What progress have you made on sustainability in the past year? 

"Since the start of the brand, I have strived for fair production with sustainable and animal-friendly qualities as a basis. We just didn't communicate that explicitly to the outside world. It was kind of a matter of course. Our products are of such quality that they last a long time. In addition, we look at innovative techniques and opt for the most sustainable alternative, such as recycled polyester instead of polyester. We have long-term relationships with all our manufacturers and we know how they work and what certificates they have. It is very interesting to see at our producer in Turkey how they collect the water from the washing drums in large reservoirs in a laundry of twill pants to filter out the paint and dispose of it separately. It's great to experience that everyone is doing their bit to do better."


What will you be doing for the upcoming edition of Modefabriek? 

"As always, we keep the stand pretty simple, but it's getting a lot bigger. We are still working on the concept, but there will be more space for lifestyle, such as a coffee bar. But with the simplicity that Knit-ted is known for. I want it to look luxurious, beautiful and well-groomed, but not bombastic. I also want the stand to radiate the serene tranquility that our showroom radiates."


Who do you hope to meet at Modefabriek?

"I think we can still grow in the Dutch market, so it's nice to be able to show ourselves to new customers at Modefabriek. But it is also a platform to meet existing customers and present the collection. Nowadays, more and more German customers come to Modefabriek and our three German agents are absolutely going to be there. Germans find Modefabriek a very inspiring and interesting fair with many beautiful Dutch brands with great appeal. In addition, we are also meeting more and more Belgian retailers."

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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