Modefabriek Meets… Marc O’Polo

08 Jan 2024
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to Modefabriek, a few exhibitors share their latest news and plans for the upcoming edition on January 21 + 22 January 2024. Marc O'Polo is introducing new, responsible fabric qualities in the winter 2024 collection.


What is your news for winter 2024-2025?

Moritz Wehner, Director Group Operations & International Sales West at Marc O'Polo, says: "The main innovation focuses on the integration of layering, wrapping techniques and grey melange shades. The highlight is our knitwear, with beautiful wool-blend qualities and shapes that redefine traditional styles. We will also introduce new puffer jackets alongside wool coat silhouettes. In addition, there is a focus on timeless classics reinterpreted."


The ultimate woman according to Marc O'Polo in 2024?

"Modern women's buying preferences often revolve around timeless yet versatile items such as a grey blended wool coat and a classic pencil skirt. This wardrobe base embodies sophistication and adaptability. Marc O'Polo offers a chic and polished look that can be worn all day, for both work and leisure."


What are you working on in the field of sustainability?

"Sustainability is ingrained in our heritage and is a fundamental aspect of our brand ethos. Our focus is on consistently striving to offer 100% sustainable products while maintaining premium quality and creating sustainable items. For the first time, we are introducing responsibly produced alpaca into our knitwear collection this season. In addition, we are proud to bring sustainable cashmere knits, both in pure form and blended with wool. Another important step is the use of recycled down in our outdoor clothing range."


What are you going to show off at Modefabriek in January?

"At the upcoming Modefabriek, we will present the first part of our autumn-winter 2024 collection. Visitors can expect a stunning presentation. Important is the fusion of sophisticated layering techniques and striking colour contrasts. Grey melange tones, together with winter white, are accentuated by bold red accents."


Who do you hope to meet there?

"Our target audience consists of premium retailers who prioritise quality materials and durability and are looking for modern, sophisticated and timeless styles. We specifically aim to connect with prospects and existing partners in the premium segment for a long-term partnership."

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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