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01 Jul 2021
Door Modefabriek

We see it as our utmost responsibility to unite the fashion industry, and to support all professionals in connecting and doing business. With Modefabriek Meets... the Modefabriek Team is hitting the road to focus the limelight on a view friend brands. This week we checked out Voyar La Rue. 

Voyar La Rue

Voyar La Rue is a Dutch brand with a true Dutch fit, but with a French name and a playful look. Voyar La Rue was founded in 2014 and inspired by “The love for fashion”, which allows independent women to feel strong and successful. It all starts with the selection of their designs and fabrics, all according to our high standards and unique style: feminine, elegant, but also a bit bold. For the confident woman that turns heads. “And you want to look good at work, but wear the same outfit to a party that same night? All is possible with the 6 collections that VLR launches every year: spring, summer, high summer, fall, winter en party,” says Jill de Roever, commercial director, in the marvellous headquarters and showroom in Amsterdam.

Delivery Fall 2021

Starting in July 2021 Voyar La Rue delivers Fall 2021, with key items the Track Suit, Vegan Leather and Faux Fur. The collectie has 2 themes: ROMANTIC RAMBLE, with earthy tones and natural materials (snake prints and Palazzos with double breasted blazer, as well as flower prints, volants and sexy lace on elegant dresses and skirts) and RETRO PREP, mix and match with Delft blue, bordeaux red, black and fashion color yellow (new classics such as the velvet suit and the flare jeans). “And we have news: we will also serve the tall women in the Netherlands. We have made a great selection of fashion items that will be sold in 6 specialty stores in the Netherlands,” says Jill.


Sales Spring/Summer 2022 

From July 2021 the sale of Spring/Summer 2022 will start, a colorful collection in which all bestsellers are repeated, and to which new, wanted fashion styles have been added. Each theme has its own designed print in a viscose stretch quality.

- French Riviera (pink, floral & art print, green, blue & yellow pastels) 

- Sunset Boulevard (orange, lilac, floral & diamond print, green, mint and white) 

- Retro Picnic (black, retro print, neutrals, white, army green & jeans blue) 

- Caribbean Holiday (fuchsia, red, royal blue, caribbean & holiday print, white, orange & jade green) 

Voyar La Rue and Corona   

We asked how Voyar La Rue experienced the lockdowns, and if anything good came out of this unprecedented time. Jill: "As a team you suddenly have to start working from home and you no longer have physical contact with your colleagues, neither with your customers. At Voyar La Rue we enjoy the actual contact, and it's sad when this suddenly disappears. However, it makes you more creative as a team and we found a complete different way of working together, which even made us stronger as a team.” 


Voyar La Rue and Modefabriek  

“Retailers feel the need to see collections live, and to actually feel the fabrics, to meet and have a chat with the sales people and to get a lot of fashion inspiration. As a brand you experience a trade show in the same way as the retailer, we also feel the need to meet the retailers and to inspire them. A trade show is the best way to sell your brand, you always meet new people. We have always had a positive Modefabriek experience and keep holding on to this positive feeling.“ 

Check the video of our visit to Voyar La Rue here. 

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