The must-have trends for Fall / Winter 2021-2022: COLORS

29 Jan 2021
Door Modefabriek

If the world would be different than today, Modefabriek’s winter edition would have taken place this week. To still provide everyone with the necessary inspiration in the buying season, Modefabriek presents the main trends of Fall / Winter 2021-2022 and how you see them reflected in the brands of the B2B marketplace. We start with these must-have colours: Warm Winter Whites, Dark Amber and the classic Camel. 


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After a hectic year of uncertainties and being housebound, we will use the end of 2021 as a blank canvas. We start with a clean slate. And so, the spotlights focus on the colour of brightness, innovation, order and light: white. From snow white to pastel shades, this autumn we warm ourselves up with comfortable and soft materials in all kinds of white variations. Think wool knits and jacquards in wide silhouettes. 



Freedom, optimism, energy, that’s what we need. It’s not a coincidence that Pantone has named yellow Color of the Year 2021, because this sunny colour screams hope, cheerfulness and zest for life. Yellow stimulates our emotions and nerve systems, boosts self-confidence and is completely on point with the earth tones of the current 70s trend. Opt this Autumn for supple materials in warm jewel tones, such as gold and amber. 



If you say camel, the cashmere wool overcoat of the same colour will probably pop up in your mind. But the days when camel only provided this iconic, masculine item with extra elegance is long gone. The colour fits right in the list of earth tones for Autumn 2021. This classic shade has a great timelessness and therefore fits perfectly within current sustainability thinking. In addition to the traditional corduroy, suede, leather and wool, we see the colour appear in new, cool combinations with modern, sportswear fabrics.


Written by Marjolein Lammerts van Bueren.

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