Meet Rachel Cannegieter: Modefabriek’s sustainable expert!

30 Sep 2021
Door Modefabriek

To offer a home to top-quality sustainable labels and designers, Modefabriek has launched The Sustainable Stop: a central location for sustainable brands and designers at Modefabriek. But when is a brand sufficiently green to make the cut? Rachel Cannegieter, founder of RethinkRebels helped us develop the criteria that the labels must meet.    

RethinkRebels: circular fashion consultancy

Rachel has a BA in Fashion Management, an MA in Social Sciences, and more than 20 years’ experience in the fashion industry. She has held positions in the fields of purchasing, product management and sales management at international fashion businesses. Rachel is the founder of circular fashion consultancy RethinkRebels, teaches at the AMFI and frequently speaks at events and in panel discussions. ‘RethinkRebels is focused on accelerating the circular fashion industry, simply because we need to do better: for our planet, and our children. In concrete terms, we make progress by collaborating with brands, retailers and businesses, offering everything from help developing a sustainable strategy and taking a pragmatic approach, right through to communications’.

Rachel: ‘We’ve already collaborated with more than 50 brands from 10 different countries. These brands include signatories to the Dutch Agreement on Sustainable Garments and Textiles, which are required to comply with high due diligence reporting standards’.



RethinkRebels x Modefabriek  

We are working closely with RethinkRebels to put together the perfect selection of sustainable designers and brands on our new platform: The Sustainable Stop. With a combination of great brands, a critical glance at the fashion industry and new production possibilities, the platform demonstrates that it’s easier and more fun than ever to take a responsible approach to procurement and purchasing. When the Modefabriek journey started 25 years ago, we weren’t looking to become a ‘sustainable fair’. But we soon realised that constructing a fair, and also the clothing production processes of the brands at the fair, have repercussions for us, animals and the environment: unintentional impact. We have already made huge improvements by having countless sustainable collections and sustainable Talks at Modefabriek. We also recycle 90% of all stands, carpet and materials, and offer organic food and drink. Modefabriek is dedicated to accelerating positive change in the fashion industry, and for that we need The Sustainable Stop!


The Sustainable Stop at Modefabriek in January 2022  

The Sustainable Stop is for sustainable brands that identify with the following terms: ambitious, transparent, eco-friendly, circular, good working conditions, sustainable materials and giving back to local communities. Before a brand can take its place on the platform, RethinkRebels assesses its sustainability criteria in consultation with Modefabriek. 

If you associate yourself with the above criteria and would like to bring your brand to Modefabriek’s The Sustainable Stop on 23 + 24 January 2022, please send an email to

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