Mexx: A love story sealed by two kisses

05 Feb 2021
Door Modefabriek

In 2021, Mexx celebrate love by conveying the love story through the fashion and shoe Autumn Winter 2021 collection. In this collection Mexx offers everyday items that easily find their way into everyone's wardrobe and are easy to match. 

In Mexx’ shoe collection you will find items with a new branding, such as cool prints with coloured kisses (xx) for girls. In this collection, you will also find jewels to brighten up your biker boots. You can combine these jewels in different ways, so that your biker boot or sneakers will always look different. In addition to biker boots, the collection also includes boots, sneakers and shoes. 


In addition to the shoes line, the Autumn Winter 2021 collection presents fashion, loungewear, sportswear and home wear. The fashion collection is inspired by Amsterdam, the city that Rattan Chadha fell in love with and where the Mexx story began in 1986. The new collection focuses on three Amsterdam locations that run through it like a thread. 

The collection takes you through the Vondelpark to the boutique hotel "De Hoxton" and while walking through the streets of Amsterdam further to the historic Rijksmuseum. Discover the endless combinations of a perfect outfit, with the right shoe and a matching bag. 

Mexx is for people who want to get the most out of life instead of striving for the perfect picture. An accessible collection for the whole family.

We proudly invite you to come and admire our Autumn Winer 2021 collection and visit on our online showroom.

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