Modefabriek Meets...LaSalle

09 Dec 2021
Door Modefabriek

In the run-up to the live Modefabriek event on 23 and 24 January 2022, the Modefabriek Team hits the road to focus the limelight on brands that are set to shine at Modefabriek this summer. Modefabriek Meets... This week we checked out LaSalle.



LaSalle is designed in Amsterdam and Made in Europe. “LaSalle stands for high quality, beautiful materials, durability, good fit, sustainable,” says Ana Nikovska, co-owner of La Salle. Since 1991, LaSalle offers a collection of iconic luxury essentials – clothes that you can love and wear again and again. Every season the collection comprises contemporary looks for a timeless and effortless sophistication. Carefully selected natural fabrics and yarns ensure high quality for a reasonable price.

LaSalle and sustainability

“Our collection is almost exclusively ‘Made in Europe’. We work very closely with our suppliers, that are highly skilled with artisanal tradition and technology. We also believe that what we do should be gentle to our environment. We have always worked with natural fabrics and yarns. We are increasingly choosing fabrics and yarns that are certified as sustainable, we support clean air, clean water and a healthy environment. We also support green cleaning by working to eliminate conventional dry cleaning for our clothing in favour of hand and machine washing in cold water. By 2025 we want 70% of our clothing made from fabrics and yarns that are certified as friendly to the environment.”

How about your latest collection(s)?

“Our focus is on high quality fabrics, as always. In addition, for the coming seasons we are focusing on stylish and sophisticated comfort to create a wardrobe that will work hard for you in all situations.“ 

LaSalle and Modefabriek

“We are really looking forward to Modefabriek in January. To see colleagues and clients, getting together, celebrating fashion and life!”

Check the video of our visit to LaSalle here

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