From glitter overload to luxurious comfort: these are the 5 biggest fashion trends spotted at Amsterdam Fashion Week

05 Sep 2022
Door Modefabriek

From 31 August to 3 September, our capital was immersed in the best of Dutch fashion during Amsterdam Fashion Week (AFW). This season, a new generation of designers presented their work at AFW, including the show debut of Francon Editions (Rotterdam) and 1/OFF Paris (Amsterdam). At the same time, proven Amsterdam Fashion Week veterans like Natan found the balance between their distinctive design style and a new, progressive vision for the future.

Amsterdam Fashion Week: the biggest trends

What were the corresponding elements that we spotted on the catwalk and what will we wear next season? From Barbie pink and lots of glitter to floor-length strings, layered outfits and wide trousers; optimism and comfort prevailed. The 5 biggest fashion trends of Amsterdam Fashion Week remind us that we will face the future full of optimism and in style.

1: Glitter

(Francon, 1/OFF, Claes)

There was a surprising amount of shimmer on the catwalk during AFW. That sounds like a bold trend, but both the maximalist and minimalist can sparkle next season. For example, Francon Editions made translucent dresses and tops completely studded with crystals, Claes Iversen incorporated sparkling sequins into different designs and 1/OFF Paris opted for a more subtle way by attaching glistering stones to blazers and shirts. In short - the motto for next season: the more glitter, the better.

2: Barbie-pink

(Martan, Francon, Claes)

With the arrival of the long-awaited Greta Gerwig movie Barbie, the style of the famous doll is back in the cultural zeitgeist. Barbie also appears to be a true muse for the fashion world: in the current Barbiecore trend, the emphasis is on bright pink outfits as Barbie wears. Exactly that’s color we saw everywhere during the Amsterdam fashion week. From pink strapless dresses at Martan to tops with ruffles at Francon Editions. The popping, candy-pink Barbie color is here to stay.


3: Layering

(Francon, Natan, 1/OFF)

If you can't decide what to wear, why not wear it all? Dresses over trousers, long tops over skirts and oversized shirts combined with short tops; the layering trend came along remarkably often during Amsterdam fashion week. Where Natan shows that you can wear trousers, a top and a skirt all at the same time, 1/OFF Paris uses a top as an extra layered element over a shirt.

4: Fringes

(Natan, Martan, 1/OFF)

After the turbulent past two years, the fashion world is leaning towards expression: maximalism and colour. Striking are the fanciful fringes. The long strings were frequently spotted and give designs a playful twist and an extra dimension in movement. Think of fringes that decorate dresses, tops and skirts and flutter in the wind.

5: Baggy trousers

(Natan, Francon, 1/OFF)

Goodbye skinny jeans, hello baggy trousers? Next season’s motto: large, wide variants are the comfortable and chic answer to fitted trousers like skinny jeans and leggings. Classic versions made of luxurious materials such as silk and linen were on display at Francon Editions, Martan and Claes Iversen, while 1/OFF Paris and Francon Editions offered a modern alternative to skinny jeans in the form of wide, baggy denim trousers.

Written by Lara Oliveri

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