Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek: Tatem from Berlijn

13 Jan 2024
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek, we talk to retailers and buyers about their personal favourites, what inspires them and what they will be looking for next round of trade shows. This edition: Michael Teppich, owner of women's fashion stores Tatem in Berlin. 

Where do you get the most inspiration?

"We travel a lot and visit many trade fairs in Europe, often as many as six per season. We were fans of Premium in Berlin, but unfortunately it has stopped. We still go to Seek in Berlin, though. We also visit Who's Next in Paris, Modefabriek in Amsterdam, Fashn Rooms in Düsseldorf, the showroom events in Hamburg, CIFF x Revolver in Copenhagen and Tranoï and Premiere Classe in Paris. We always come back full of ideas. Many buyers go to existing agencies for new brands, but we prefer to spot new brands at foreign trade fairs so that we are one of the first in Germany and the brand is not yet everywhere."

How do you prepare for all those trade fair visits? 

"We evaluate the previous season and see what sold well. We do not allocate our budgets until we have seen the collections. One season we like a collection better than another. Furthermore, we keep abreast of trends and developments through the internet and magazines, but also through our own network of suppliers and colleagues."  


Best find at a fashion trade show?

"That's quite a long list. At Pure, we once discovered two great brands, which were unknown in Germany at the time. As soon as they went to Premium, those brands were no longer interesting to us. Last year, we discovered Femmes du Sud at Modefabriek, which we think is a very beautiful brand. The first collection will be delivered next period, and we are very curious to see how the brand will do in the store. We also discovered Penn & Ink at Modefabriek and were one of the first retailers to bring it to Germany. Every Modefabriek, we discover two or three new brands. After the exhibition round, we always check which new brands we are really going to buy. That also depends on where a brand sees itself: in an independent shop like ours or at a department store, chain or big webshop like Zalando."

Best tip for a city trip? 

"We love visiting Paris and Copenhagen. We also find New York very inspiring. There, a different district is hot and happening every season. There we always get inspiration for shop design and brands we don't know yet. But it can also be closer. This season we are going to Rotterdam for the first time after Modefabriek. We hear a lot of positive stories about this city, so we are very curious." 

Where do you buy your own clothes? 

"I don't have a fixed address. In Berlin, we have very few good shops for menswear in my style and I don't like shopping online. I shop during our city trips and travels. Or I buy from our suppliers if they have a men's collection. My own style is basic. I love jeans, shirts and knitwear." 

How sustainable are you? 

"It is becoming more and more important. Most brands are working on it. But it remains difficult to really understand. There are so many certificates and how sustainable is clothing made from recycled plastic that comes from overproduction of plastic? We also visited the small sustainable showroom fairs in Berlin and Düsseldorf and bought Dutch brands like Inti and Gofranck there. But the most important thing remains whether customers like the clothes. Only then does sustainability follow." 

Written by Rosita van der Kwaak

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