Meet The Buyers: The Collection One

15 Oct 2021
Door Modefabriek

In Meet the Buyers at Modefabriek we will weekly introduce you to buyers from different multibrand stores, sustainable stores and amazing boutiques. This week we would like to introduce you to Lisa Schotman from The Collection One. 

It has always been Lisa's dream to open a store. After her studies she worked at various fashion companies, four years ago she decided to open a webshop with carefully selected vintage items and brands that are transparent about their production and use of sustainable materials.  

Since 2020 she has a physical store in the Czaar Peterstraat in Amsterdam, where items (both clothing and interior) are sold in soft and natural colors. With The Collection One, Lisa wants to inspire people to buy clothes that you can enjoy for a long time and that make you feel comfortable. Both the vintage items and the sustainable brands are carefully selected by her.  


What are you currently missing in the store?

In addition to vintage, I like to sell unique small, sustainable brands. I don't necessarily miss anything in my store, but I always like to discover new brands! 

Why is it relevant for you as a buyer to visit a trade fair like Modefabriek?

I like to discover new brands, so that's why a trade fair like Modefabriek is definitely worth a visit. I also really like to speak to the people behind the brand and to hear what the idea is behind the choices that have been made when designing and producing the clothing items.  

Which edition has stayed with you the most? 

Good question! I think my first Modefabriek edition where I went as the owner of The Collection One, in 2017.  

Why are you looking forward to the next edition and what did you miss the times Modefabriek wasn't there? 

I am looking forward to discovering new (sustainable) brands: I am very curious which ones have all joined and made the step to go for sustainable production. In addition, last time I did not attend the Talks. I am very curious which Talks are now being organized!

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