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14 Jun 2021
Door Modefabriek

We see it as our utmost responsibility to unite the fashion industry, and to support all professionals in connecting and doing business. With Modefabriek Meets... the Modefabriek Team is hitting the road to focus the limelight on a view friend brands. This week we checked out mbyM. 


mbyM’s signature style is raw femininity mixed with Scandinavian coolness. The mbyM concept is based on skilful design, cool detailing and quality of cut. Whether it’s for a casual or dressy occasion, mbyM dresses the feminine, urban girl with edgy style and high wearability. Dominating the colour palette in the collections are classic and neutral shades, brought to life with carefully selected highlight colours. 


“Our designs are stylish and uncompromising yet original and affordable; a good price-quality ratio,” says Sinha Krijnen, who represents mbyM in the Netherlands. The brand was launched back in 2003 and brings 4 collections per year: edgy Danish fashion for the coolest girl in the room.  


This winter’s collection is inspired by The Queen's Gambit, reflected in all kinds of small details, particularly checkerboard patterns. It has a lot of colours: pink, cobalt blue, purple, green and orange. The collection can be easily combined and is a fresh addition to the season.  


“Actually, we are already eagerly looking forward to the newest collection (spring 2022). By the end of June, we hope to be able to fly to Denmark to see the collection and to finally meet our colleagues in person again. The teaser of the collection was already very promising, with optical illusions. Playful looks combined with creativity make a fresh new season. Orange, green, pink and a broad range of earth colours ensure rest and balance. A dreamy escape from reality sets the tone for spring 2022.” 


mbyM and coronavirus 

We asked how mbyM experienced the lockdowns, and if anything good came out of this unprecedented time. Sinha: "The lockdown was, especially at the beginning, quite a bit of a shock and nobody knew what was going to happen. As time went by, retailers got mega-creative, in showing on their socials what they had in store and all new items coming in. It is so cool to see how everybody put his back into it and worked extremely hard to make the best of it. And how about the customer loyalty to the stores, continuing to order online!” 


mbyM and Modefabriek  

mbyM always shows at Modefabriek. “It is important to us to exhibit at Modefabriek: to see everyone and gauge the first reactions on the new collection. For the visitors, it’s the perfect moment to just walk around in a relaxed setting and to spot all trends, colours and collections. What I like most about trade shows, is to see people’s enthusiasm about the collection. In conclusion, mainly the social interaction!” 


Check the video of our visit to mbyM here

Written by Modefabriek.

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