The must-have trends of Fall/Winter 2021-2022: MATERIALS

04 Feb 2021
Door Modefabriek

Modefabriek is happy to provide the necessary inspiration during the buying season. Have a look at the main trends from Fall/Winter 2021-2022 and how they are reflected in the brands on the B2B marketplace. After last week's must-have colours, we now present the must-have materials: Cocooning Knits, Check Mate and Hairy Faux Furs. 

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Grace Fashion | ACTITUDE | Project AJ17

e9ffe945-1380-4ba1-b27b-e7f4cfc94a7b.png?uuid=3098b78a-fe5e-4057-840c-19c7066e8b1eFAB - Fabienne Chapot | Freebird 

Check mate! 

Heritage prints such as checks are an essential part of the autumn and winter wardrobe in 2021. The influence of this originally masculine design reaches far and can be found in suits and shirts as well as overcoats and capes. And check, check, double check: this autumn the tartans, rectangles and pied-de-poules will not only appear in neutral or bright shades, but also in soft materials such as flannel and wool.





Cocooning Knits

In response to the turbulent year 2020, the garments of autumn 2021 will feel like soft arms around you. Even after the lockdown, we will continue to appreciate the warm, comfortable and cozy knits. We will move in freedom and come together again, but the cocooning feeling remains. The knits are soft and lightweight, but at the same time playful and heavy in structure. 


Grace | Giacomo | OBJECT

Hairy Faux Furs 

Our longing for nature and warmth translates into soft, furry and rich faux furs that we can wear unabashedly. It is an elegant and slightly sophisticated addition to the largely comfortable autumn outfits. These faux pelts can be seen in both neutral colors and deep gemstone hues, including emerald, amethyst, sapphire and amber. 

Written by Marjolein Lammerts van Bueren.

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