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Modefabriek bv organiseert (mode) evenementen in Amsterdam waaronder Modefabriek, kleine fabriek en Amsterdam Denim Days. Deze hoogwaardige evenementen staan bekend om hun unieke uitstraling, waarbij het zakelijke aspect hand in hand gaat met een inspirerende beleving en vormgeving. Jaarlijks bezoeken meer dan 50.000 professionals deze evenementen.

Modefabriek is continu in ontwikkeling en heeft een constante behoefte aan het (verder) ontwikkelen van zowel de bestaande als nieuwe projecten en evenementen. Hiervoor zijn wij per direct op zoek naar een ervaren:



First International Class of Jean School to open in Amsterdam


In 2012, Amsterdam made headlines by launching the first independent denim school in the world. The first students of this full-time 3 year, industry-driven course are set to graduate later this year. Following enormous media interest and demand from students and brands around the world, Jean School will now also offer an English-spoken, condensed course for international students.

Jean Schools’ first international course starts at April 7th 2015. read more


New studio platform

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All the way in the farthest corner of the ‘new indie’ platform Studio, North Sails stands out in a bright blue area with large typography. The market leader and big innovator in sailing also created its own covered stand. That’s what happens when you register at the last minute for a completely sold out Modefabriek – but these guys know what they’re doing. “With Eric Bijlsma of Scotch & Soda, we managed to regain the licence for the fashion line,” Roy Schiet says. “This menswear line was launched at Pitti, but we also want to participate at Modefabriek as it is key to the Dutch market. It isn’t just buyers that come here; it’s also shop managers and employees.” read more


Good vibes

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From Strellson all the way at the front in The Square to Paul & Joe Sister of Fashion Club 70 all the way at the back in Salon: the professionalism and ambition of the exhibitors is what stands out. The taste of Dutch consumers is becoming increasingly more sophisticated and informed, thanks to the internet and thanks to smart entrepreneurs. Whether you can pick out the best franchisers like Strellson, or stay on top of content for social media like Fashion Club 70, the art is in understanding the modern market and in truly enjoying it.

When you do something, do it well!


Modefabriek #38 recap

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At Modefabriek – last Sunday and Monday at the Amsterdam RAI – the lively spirit of ambition, professionalism and passion prevailed, both in beautiful and responsibly manufactured products and in contemporary, innovative entrepreneurship. Making strong decisions, daring to stand out, and optimally collaborating with a keen eye for service and transparency: there was a bounty of good aphorisms. Above all else, we heard the motto that ultimately, fashion and lifestyle are there to be enjoyed!

Style Matters
After entering the large hall on the right, visitors came upon the impressive decor of the new premium menswear platform Style Matters. Among the meticulously set up selection of menswear labels stood New Yorker Ulrich Lang, with his exclusive selection of men’s fragrance and grooming brands. His ‘boutique tradeshow’ Presence is a prime example of the adventurous element that makes the field of fashion refreshing and personal. “Fragrance has the power to transcend retail,” says the connoisseur presenting himself in a fashion context for the first time: “you can use it to create emotions.” Retailers really have to fall for a brand like that, and it also takes an expansion of professional knowledge to be able to sell it successfully, but that goes for all products new to this branch of trade that give fashion shops more flavour. read more


Sustainability is the new black

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MINT, the platform for fashion and lifestyle products with respect for people and the environment is participating in its 7th edition of Modefabriek, the largest so far, with more participants than ever before. In a separate conference area, a group of certain game changers and critical thinkers came together for the Q&A session ‘The sustainable fashion breakthrough’. Among them was designer Hans Ubbink, who discontinued his label last year and this year is launching two sustainable labels – an underwear line and a line with products made of Mongolian horse skin. His motto: don’t think “I have to design something sustainable”; think “make something beautiful, and do that in the most sustainable way possible.” The shocking documentary ‘De slag om de Klerenwereld’ (The Battle for the World of Clothing) by Teun van der Keuken is oft-quoted to indicate that the topic is not only the focus of many fashion insiders, but can definitely also be discussed among a larger audience. read more


Vacature: SALES MANAGER KLEINE FABRIEK (Dutch text only)

modefabriek bv logo - website

Modefabriek bv organiseert (mode)evenementen in Amsterdam waaronder Modefabriek, kleine fabriek en Denim Days. Deze hoogwaardige evenementen staan bekend om hun unieke uitstraling, waarbij het zakelijke aspect hand in hand gaat met een inspirerende beleving en vormgeving. Jaarlijks bezoeken meer dan 50.000 professionals deze evenementen.

Wij zijn per direct op zoek naar een ervaren



New course for North Sails Apparel

Since its origin in 1957 North Sails has been by far the most innovative brand in sailmaking. Thanks to the outstanding skills of the sailors and the sailmakers who have been working inside North Sails throughout history, the brand has always been able to combine passion, technology and innovation, resulting in unbeatable products.

Due to the recent merger of all North Sails related companies, including Tomasoni (the former clothing license holder), a massive opportunity has arisen: To operate again as one brand.

North Sails is now able to utilize its super strong brand values of performance, technology and innovation over the entire width of the company. read more